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Product Information for Diesel Index

Product type: Flowers

There are several major varieties of Diesel, a fast-growing, balanced hybrid (Sativa 70%/Indica 30%). This index includes both Sour Diesel (91 Chemdawg x Mass Super Skunk/Northern Lights) and NYC Diesel (Mexican sativa x Afghani indica) genetics. Also included are popular varieties like Headband and any other strain with parentage from Sour Diesel or NYC Diesel.

Diesel has been a great seller in the medical industry not only because of its high THC (Tetrahydrocannabinol) content, but more recently because of its higher than average CBD (Cannabidiol) content. CBD compounds have been proven to have therapeutic applications without the side effects of intoxication.

Although most varieties are fairly easy to grow, and have proven to be moderate to heavy crop producers, they have maintained their high profit margins, as Diesel strains command higher than average retail prices.

Diesel crops maintain a moderate to good resistance to mold and mildew, and a moderate resistance to mites and other creatures that might decimate other strains. Diesel varieties do well in warm climates with light to moderate humidity.

5 highest prices of 244 seen recently for Diesel Index in All Cities

PriceProduct Vendor Location
$20.00 Sour OG by Midnight Roots Herbal Solutions Ann Arbor, MI
$17.00 SOUR APPLE Portland Best Buds Portland, OR
$17.00 SOUR STRAWBERRY KUSH Portland Best Buds Portland, OR
$16.00 REC Chemdawg Rugburn Little Amsterdam - Nevada St Portland, OR
$16.00 REC | Sour Diesel Collective Awakenings Portland, OR

5 lowest prices of 244 seen recently for Diesel Index in All Cities

PriceProduct Vendor Location
$5.00 LEMON DIESEL - SPECIAL - MEDICAL PRICE - TAX FREE Emerald City Medicinal Eugene, OR
$5.00 Headband Blue Sky Portland Portland, OR
$6.00 Super Skunk Nectar - 4125 N Mississippi Ave. Portland, OR
$6.00 Strawberry Diesel Healing Green Salem, OR
$6.00 Sour Tsunami Next Level Wellness Eugene, OR