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July 25, 2017 - daily mean gram

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Product type: Flowers

There are well over 25 varieties of Haze, which alone is a true testament to this strain's popularity. Haze in its purest form is a Sativa-dominant hybrid (Sativa 90%/Indica 10%). This index includes popular Haze varieties such as Blue Dream, Super Silver Haze, and any other strain primarily having Haze genetics.

Haze is best suited for indoor growing, as it prefers warmer and constant temperatures. Also it can be quite willowy and not as robust as an outdoor plant needs to be. Indoors done properly Haze can have impressive yields, although it does have a longer than average flower time. Three to four months is not unusual. Haze has reasonable resistance to mights, and good mold and mildew resistance when grown indoors.

Haze has proven to be a top seller for years in the medical cannabis industry despite having a low CBD (Cannabidiol) content, which is more than made up for with its staggering THC (Tetrahydrocannabinol) content. Although retail profit margins tend to be lower for Haze due to its high manufacturing and wholesale costs, it is a strain which is difficult to keep stocked. Haze is possibly one of the more under priced strains in the industry from a retail standpoint.

5 highest prices of 142 seen recently for Haze Index in All Cities

PriceProduct Vendor Location
$20.00 Super Lemon Haze Herbal Solutions Ann Arbor, MI
$20.00 Super Lemon Haze (fire flower) Sweet Leaf Illusions Portland, OR
$18.00 CONNOISSEUR - Blue Dream (TJ's) Canna-Daddy's Wellness Center Portland, OR
$18.00 Purple Dream Oregon House of Herbs Portland, OR
$16.00 Blue Dream | Pistil Point | Flower Oregon's Finest Portland, OR

5 lowest prices of 142 seen recently for Haze Index in All Cities

PriceProduct Vendor Location
$4.00 Ghost Train Haze by Loved Buds Apothecaria Eugene, OR
$5.00 Crockett Haze Jamaica Joel's Eugene, OR
$6.00 Medihaze Maritime Cafe - Gladstone Portland, OR
$6.00 Green Dream Club Pitbull Salem, OR
$6.00 Garden THC Dream Queen Exodus Wellness Center Portland, OR