Overall Index prices in Ann Arbor, MI (MJCI)

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-0.32 (-1.74%)
July 1, 2015 - daily mean gram

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Product Information for Overall Index

Product type: Flowers

The Overall Index displays the mean average price across all currently tracked cannabis Flower products (variously known as Flowers, Indica, Sativa, or Hybrid) which were advertised for retail sale in the specified quantity, location and period, along with historical statistics. For those retailers which offer a multi-tiered pricing structure, all prices used for calculations are Member prices.

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Selections from 112 products seen recently for Overall Index in Ann Arbor, MI

PriceProduct Vendor
$25.00 Chem 4 Bulldog Provisioning Center
$25.00 Purple Pompei Bulldog Provisioning Center
$22.00 Catfish Arborside Compassion
$22.00 Diablo OG Arborside Compassion
$22.00 GSC (Forum Cut) Arborside Compassion
$22.00 Holy Grail Kush Arborside Compassion
$22.00 Jedi Kush Arborside Compassion
$22.00 Platinum Bay Cookies Arborside Compassion
$22.00 Private Reserve OG Arborside Compassion
$22.00 Quantum Kush Arborside Compassion
$22.00 Scott's OG Arborside Compassion
$22.00 Shark Attack Arborside Compassion
$22.00 White Fire OG Arborside Compassion
$20.00 A2 Haze Bulldog Provisioning Center
$20.00 Alaskan Thunder Fuck Bulldog Provisioning Center
$20.00 Alien OG Bulldog Provisioning Center
$20.00 Black Bulldog Provisioning Center
$20.00 Blue God Herbal Solutions
$20.00 Cannatonic (Organic) Sticky Ypsi
$20.00 Cat Piss Bulldog Provisioning Center
$20.00 Cheese Bulldog Provisioning Center
$20.00 ChemDawg Bulldog Provisioning Center
$20.00 Chemdawg 4 Arborside Compassion
$20.00 Chemo Cindy 99 Bulldog Provisioning Center
$20.00 Cherry Pie Treecity Health Collective
$20.00 Confidential Cheese Bulldog Provisioning Center
$20.00 Crippy OG Herbal Solutions
$20.00 Death by Cheese Herbal Solutions
$20.00 Death Star Treecity Health Collective
$20.00 Dennis Hopper Kush Bulldog Provisioning Center
$20.00 D-Limonene (Organic) Sticky Ypsi
$20.00 Durban Poison Treecity Health Collective
$20.00 F-Cut OG Herbal Solutions
$20.00 Ghost OG Arborside Compassion
$20.00 Gorilla Glue #4 Herbal Solutions
$20.00 Granddaddy Purple Bulldog Provisioning Center
$20.00 Grape Diesel Herbal Solutions
$20.00 Kali Mist Bulldog Provisioning Center
$20.00 Lemon Cake Herbal Solutions
$20.00 Lemon Lime Jones Arborside Compassion
$20.00 OG 18 Arborside Compassion
$20.00 OG Critical Arborside Compassion
$20.00 Orange Crush Herbal Solutions
$20.00 Purple haze Bulldog Provisioning Center
$20.00 Purple Kush Bulldog Provisioning Center
$20.00 Purple OG Herbal Solutions
$20.00 Rascal OG Arborside Compassion
$20.00 Romulan Bulldog Provisioning Center
$20.00 SFV OG Treecity Health Collective
$20.00 Skywalker OG Arborside Compassion
$20.00 Sour Diesel Arborside Compassion
$20.00 Sour OG Bulldog Provisioning Center
$20.00 Sour Primo Arborside Compassion
$20.00 Sour Slut Arborside Compassion
$20.00 Super Lemon haze Herbal Solutions
$20.00 Tahoe Cure Herbal Solutions
$20.00 THC Snow Bulldog Provisioning Center
$20.00 Train Wreck Treecity Health Collective
$20.00 William's Wonder Treecity Health Collective
$20.00 Wonder Woman Bulldog Provisioning Center
$20.00 Yoda Bulldog Provisioning Center
$18.00 Chocolope Treecity Health Collective
$18.00 Colorado Flo Treecity Health Collective
$18.00 Fire OG Treecity Health Collective
$18.00 Flo OG Treecity Health Collective
$18.00 Pineapple Express Treecity Health Collective
$18.00 Platinum OG Kush Treecity Health Collective
$18.00 Rug Burn OG Treecity Health Collective
$16.00 Alien Berry Treecity Health Collective
$16.00 Apollo 13 Arborside Compassion
$16.00 Jack Skellington Arborside Compassion
$16.00 Jedi Kush Treecity Health Collective
$16.00 Lemon OG Arborside Compassion
$16.00 Pineapple Z Arborside Compassion
$15.00 Black Widow Herbal Solutions
$15.00 Blueberry Sticky Ypsi
$15.00 Blueberry Headband Sticky Ypsi
$15.00 Blue Dream Sticky Ypsi
$15.00 Gojo Bulldog Provisioning Center
$15.00 Gorilla Glue #4 Sticky Ypsi
$15.00 Grape Ape Sticky Ypsi
$15.00 Jilly Bean Sticky Ypsi
$15.00 L.A. Chocolat Sticky Ypsi
$15.00 LA Park Herbal Solutions
$15.00 Lucky Charms Herbal Solutions
$15.00 Master Kush Sticky Ypsi
$15.00 OG 1 Kenobi Herbal Solutions
$15.00 Purple Haze (Organic) Sticky Ypsi
$15.00 Purple Urkle Sticky Ypsi
$15.00 Rohde Dawg OG Herbal Solutions
$15.00 Skywalker O.G. Sticky Ypsi
$15.00 Sour Raspberry Herbal Solutions
$15.00 Tahoe O.G. Sticky Ypsi
$15.00 White Widow Herbal Solutions
$15.00 White Widow (Organic) Sticky Ypsi
$12.00 Blue Dream Arborside Compassion
$12.00 Exodus Cheese Sticky Ypsi
$12.00 Exodus Kush Arborside Compassion
$12.00 Ghost Train Haze #1 Arborside Compassion
$12.00 Green Crack Arborside Compassion
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